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When you hire Velera as your keynote speaker, your audience will gain transformative insights that help them:   

Challenge unproductive internal narratives that can stifle success 

Increase performance by owning and sharpening their unique skills

Lead dynamically whether as an individual contributor or people manager 

Reimagine a thriving life & career fueled by passion, self-worth, and undeniable confidence 

Why global organizations hire her 

Your audience doesn't want to listen to a keynote - they want to listen to a keynote that speaks to them. 

Every keynote she does is focused on high engagement, relevance, and highly actionable messages. She will work with you to craft a keynote that makes your audience say, "It was like she only talking to me" 

What audiences are saying: 


“EVERYONE needs to hear this! I can't tell you how much her presentation resonated with me." 

Keynote Themes & Topics

Theme: Motivation & Mindset 

Topic: Shifting from Self-Doubt to Undeniable Confidence 

Theme: Leadership & Performance

Topic: Leaders Who Win: Results & Kindness can Co-exist 

Theme: Change Management

Topic: Braving Change with Resilience

Keynote: Shifting from Self-Doubt to Undeniable Confidence

Today people are accomplishing more than ever – but for every person advancing, many also struggle with believing in themselves, or advocating for their advancement, despite having external success and possessing wildly ambitious goals.
Based on my award-winning book “You’re Absolutely Worth It,” this motivational keynote has helped women and men around the world realize they can operate with greater confidence in their careers and everyday life. With real-life examples, methodologies and engaging questions, I challenge your audience to look inward, elevate how they see themselves and their work, so they can go after what they really want and own the rooms and seats they are in.
Audiences will learn: 
  • How to get to the root of their self-doubt during moments of fear and paralysis
  • Practical shifts they can make to break ties with limiting beliefs and shift into confident action
  • Why they should – and how to - own every single step they’ve taken to get to where they are today
  • Strategies to help them bounce back after failure and “no”
  • New mantras to operate with greater confidence overall

Keynote: Leaders Who Win: Results & Kindness Can Co-Exist

This thought-provoking talk is ideal for leaders who wonder: can they, or better yet how to, lean into their soft skills and still get optimal results from their team? In this talk, I share with them emphatically that they CAN care about people while driving engagement and peak performance - and show them how to do it.  
Audiences will learn: 
  • The fundamentals of engaging people - so they want to work hard for them
  • How to anchor in "kindness" when leading to achieve sustainable results 
  • When and why they should - and shouldn't - adopt other leadership styles 
  • The environment they can create when leading to replicate success
  • Key principles to balance driving results with empathy in challenging situations
Change is hard – and it’s more difficult when it’s change you didn’t see coming or want. So how can you navigate uncertainty in such a way that you develop – and thrive - during the “messy middle” and still position yourself to reach your goals?


In this talk that merges reality with forward thinking, I help your audience “zoom out” and take a moment to make objective assessments about the change they're facing, anchor on what’s important to them, and develop a north star of actionable steps that guide them so they can thrive and achieve their goals during times of uncertainty.
Audiences will learn: 
  • How to shift out of the resistance stage that can keep them stuck and unproductive

  • Ways to see change as a potential growth opportunity that can work in their favor

  • Techniques to focus on the long-term gain to help drive motivation and focus

  • Sound approaches to anchor on what they can control – and what they can’t

  • Strategies to increase their overall effectiveness during challenging times 

Keynote: Braving Change with Resilience 


Customized Keynotes 

If you are interested in other topics from Women in Leadership, Diversity, to Managing Change, let’s talk about how I help deliver an engaging, transformative message to your audience! 
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