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Velera Wilson                 

Speaker. Author. Consultant.
Helping Talent Increase Workplace Skills & Confidence to Become Thriving Leaders

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Trusted by Global Brands 

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With nearly twenty years leading high-performing global teams and driving millions in revenue at industry-leading tech brands, Velera Wilson understands the challenges faced and strategies needed to thrive in the workplace and deliver results.


She founded Positive Identity, a company whose mission is to:

Help emerging and mid-level leaders develop the 

Skill Sets & Mindsets to increase their confidence, performance, and impact in the workplace  


In order for them to do their best, they must also believe the best about themselves and their abilities 

Ways to Partner

Thought Leadership 

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You're Absolutely Worth It

Velera's book unpacks the process of shifting past self-doubt, and offers practical steps that helps individuals say yes to themselves, pursue often-unspoken desires, and approach their career and everyday life with greater confidence.


Women's Workplace Confidence report

The report is based on research and insight from hundreds of diverse women on organizational challenges impacting their performance, retention, and what they need most now. 

Media Features

Velera is engaged by media outlets such as CBS, NBC, NPR and others to speak on women in the workplace, diversity, confidence, leadership and career-related topics.   

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