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Speaker. Author. Consultant.
Helping Talent Increase Workplace Confidence to Become Powerful Contributors 

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With nearly twenty years leading high-performance global teams and driving millions in revenue at industry-leading tech brands, Velera Wilson is familiar with a challenge many women and diverse talent have in their career: Confidence

The lack of confidence undermines career advancement, performance, and bottom-line results, unfortunately, without many companies realizing it. 


From engagement keynotes to educational workshops, Velera helps individuals shift debilitating mindsets and gain skills needed to increase workplace performance, make positive contributions, and thrive as leaders. 

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Keynote Speaker.

Workplace Confidence. Motivation. Leadership & Performance. 

Velera Wilson is a global speaker who addresses these topics head-on with practical, truth-telling messages that leave audiences engaged, enlightened, and transformed. 


You’re Absolutely Worth It: Release Self-Doubt, Embrace Confidence, and Own Your Yes

Velera takes an honest look at the internal chatter and limiting beliefs that can derail women (and men) in their professional and personal life, despite being wildly ambitious. 

You’re Absolutely Worth It unpacks the process of shifting past self-doubt, and offers practical steps that helps women say yes to themselves, pursue often-unspoken desires, and approach their career and everyday life with greater confidence.

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Communication. Leadership. Change Management. 

The Confident Leader Program helps early and mid-level talent gain skills needed to increase performance and thrive as leaders. 

Want to Discuss Further?

Velera would love to partner with you to create a program that will exceed your expectations and transform your participants! 

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