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You’re Absolutely Worth It

The book people are reading to ditch self-doubt and confidently go after what they want


You have dreams and goals, but self-doubt that makes you wonder...

"Am I enough?" 
"Can I really ask for that?" keeping you from the life you REALLY want

In her book, You’re Absolutely Worth It: Release Self-Doubt, Embrace Confidence, and Own Your Yes, Velera Wilson gives readers the steps and fuel to address the counter-productive internal chatter and stop second-guessing themselves, so they can boldly ask for, and go after, what they really want in their career, business, and everyday life. 

Full of deeply personal stories and blatant honesty, You’re Absolutely Worth It offers inspiration and practical advice for anyone who’s ever struggled to believe they are good enough for their dreams and goals because of how they see themselves, where they've come from, or what they've experienced. 

This book is a loud call to every person to believe in their voice, value, and gifts – giving actionable insights on how to do it without reservation


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Listen to an excerpt from the book!


About the Author

Confidence, self-worth, imposter syndrome, women in leadership. Velera Wilson is a sought-after global speaker, author, and consultant that addresses these topics head-on with inspirational and transformative messages.

From leading marketing strategy and driving millions in revenue for Fortune 100 and 500 brands for almost twenty years, Velera leverages that insight to challenge and inspire women to own their voice and unique talents to succeed.

She is the founder of Positive Identity, a company that helps ambitious women lead with confidence in their career and personal lives through coaching, strategy workshops, and digital resources.


From to being a contributing writer for Thrive Global on women’s development, to publishing guides including “Six Steps to Negotiate the Salary You Deserve Without Letting Fear Override,” Velera shows women how to get paid more, promoted, and pursue their life goals relentlessly.

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Speaking and Inspiration

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How to Connect? 

Velera would love to figure out how to best help you achieve your goals.

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