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Consultant for Organizations, for Emerging Female Talent

"Gender diversity on executive teams is strongly correlated with profitability and value creation." 


- McKinsey & Company, Delivering Through Diversity Study

The  Business Challenge

While many companies are focused on increasing the number of women in senior leadership positions, the bottleneck is actually occurring much sooner for many women in their career - as the first step up to manager.


Known as the “broken rung,” it’s impacting the ability of women to advance their careers – the latest McKinsey report shows women lagging in first time promotions by 28%. 


The  Business Need

Recognizing the need for focus on female talent early in their career, Velera is committed to closing the gap in women being promoted to first time management roles. She uses her first-hand insight as a woman of color, and expertise as a successful leader at Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies to help both organizations and their emerging female talent understand how to effectively prepare for and land first-time management roles.

How Velera Helps

Strategic support for human resources, talent management, leadership development, and diversity and inclusion initiatives


  • Help develop a process to identify, prepare and promote women for first-time management roles

  • Shape understanding on managing and developing underrepresented communities of women

Female Talent in Organizations

Specialized leadership  and career training including:

  • developing executive presence

  • leading as a first-time manager

  • mentorship and sponsorship

  • strategic career planning

Consulting & Training Programs offered: 

Half, full, or multiple days

Individual or group sessions 

Customized program packages available 

Need More Information? 
Velera would love to help you develop your female talent and drive business results. 

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