You’re Absolutely Worth It


You’re an ambitious woman with dreams and goals, but the internal chatter that makes you wonder Am I enough? Can I really ask for that? Do I have what it takes? may be keeping you from your best life.

In her new book, You’re Absolutely Worth It: Release Self-Doubt, Embrace Confidence, and Own Your Yes, Velera Wilson gives women the pep talk and fuel to stop second-guessing themselves and boldly ask for, or go after, what they really want in their career, relationships, and everyday life. 

Full of deeply personal stories and blatant honesty, You’re Absolutely Worth It offers inspiration and practical advice for the woman who’s ever struggled to believe she was good enough for her dreams and goals because of where she’s come from, what she’s experienced, or how she sees herself. 

This book is a loud call to every woman to believe in her voice, her value, and her gifts – giving actionable insights on how to do it without reservation. 

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Host a Book Club! 

Host a book club and create a space for discussion, accountability, and growth that often happens best in tight-knit groups. Commit to commanding you worth while connecting with other women intentional about doing the same! 

+  You'll get a Discussion Guide to help facilitate your group conversations 
The guide includes probing questions to help you address key points mentioned in the book - so you can confidently embrace your gifts, talents, and voice. 


About the Author

For almost twenty years, Velera Wilson has driven strategy and revenue for Fortune 100 and 500 brands, but her sense of worth was in shambles for many years. Born to a single teenage mother, traumatic childhood experiences, and being the first in her family to graduate college left her questioning her value and direction and caused her career and relationships to suffer.  

She had to break ties with the limiting beliefs about herself to confidently command her worth. Now she’s on a mission to help other women do the same.  

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