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Women in the workplace are more than qualified and capable for our seat at the table...but we struggle to believe that, and it's hurting us. 

I know because that was my struggle for many years, and after releasing my book, You're Absolutely Worth It, I've heard from women globally that they too find it hard to believe they are "good enough" for their roles, and that they can, and should, advocate for themselves.

To celebrate the one year anniversary of my book, I created this challenge to help women recognize their worth in the workplace, and gain tools to navigate their career with greater confidence so they can advance and thrive!

The Workplace Confidence Challenge is for the woman who: 

Realizes she’s sold herself short at various times in her career


Second-guesses whether she’s qualified for her position or seat at the table sometimes

Says Yes more often than she should and is frustrated and burning out because of it

Struggles to ask for what she wants - from salary, to positions, to promotions


Finds it difficult to advocate for herself but easily does so for others

Is fearful of making a mistake and being looked at as incompetent (AKA Imposter Syndrome)


You'll get a digital workbook to capture each day's session

I’ll share details about my new program created to help women increase workplace confidence

I'll give you a sneak peek into the Women's Workplace Confidence Survey findings completed by over 200 women who struggle with navigating the workplace and solutions on how to help US thrive!

Throughout the three days you'll learn how to: 

Navigate the workplace with greater confidence – regardless of where you are in your career

Communicate the value you bring with ease so you stand out

Advocate for yourself so you thrive and not just “survive”

Set boundaries so you don’t burn out from people pleasing and being “nice”

Maintain peace of mind while advancing

About the Host, Velera Wilson 

Confidence, self-worth, imposter syndrome, women in leadership. Velera Wilson is a sought-after global speaker, author, and consultant that addresses these topics head-on with inspirational and transformative messages.

From leading marketing strategy and driving millions in revenue for Fortune 100 and 500 brands for almost twenty years, Velera leverages that insight to challenge and inspire women to own their voice and unique talents to succeed.

She is the founder of Positive Identity, a company that helps ambitious women lead with confidence in their career and personal lives through coaching, strategy workshops, and digital resources.

From her popular debut book, "You're Absolutely Worth It", to being a contributing writer for Thrive Global on women's development, to publishing guides including “Six Steps to Negotiate the Salary You Deserve Without Letting Fear Override,” Velera shows women how to own their worth.

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